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P.E. Club

P.E. Club is available for students after school to continue to progress in the development of their skill and character  through a variety of activities.  Most activities are for 3rd-5th grades with a few exceptions.  Currently students will be able to participate in archery in 4th and 5th grades (one classroom at a time for 3 days each) until Jan 26.  Permission slips will come out about one week prior to the start of their class.  4th grade is participating now and then 5th grade starts Dec 21st.
After archery finishes up, students can sign up for Tae Kwon Do after school for any grade.  This is a fundraiser to support the P.E. department. Finally, qualifying students in 2nd-5th grades will be able to participate in the Lion's Club Relay 4 by 100 meter race.