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Mrs. Jones' Class

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General Education

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Teacher name:Justine Jones


OFFICE HOURS:  Beginning Wednesday, April 1st, I can be reached at ClassDojo or during the office hours listed below.


8-10 AM                                                      


1-3 PM


1-3 PM


5-7 PM


8-10 AM


1. Directions for getting on / 2. Google Classroom link 

3. Teacher Google Classroom Code nqij5nh (if students have not used classroom before)

Comet Community Classroom Link

  • Attendance Expectations:  Our goal is for students to have the opportunity to log in to work daily, however, we understand how difficult that may be during this time and understand you may need to adjust your student's schedule to fit your family's needs.   Attendance will be tracked based on weekly student participation and work completion.

  • Assignment Completion/Grading Expectations:  Assignments will be posted on Monday and assignments for the week will be due on Friday.  Students will receive weekly feedback based on their participation and work completion.

  • Time Dedication:   Assigned classwork will average between 60-90 minutes a day, Monday thru Friday and opportunities for Art, Music, Physical Education and Social/Emotional Learning. 

Google Classroom content, including daily announcements and online school-wide community building opportunities will be updated daily by 7:30 a.m.

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