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May 2022~ Hello Kindergarten Families!  

We're almost to the end!  Your kinder comets have worked so hard this year and are (still!) learning every day.  We are proud of all of the learning, sharing, writing, reading, adding, subracting, counting, patterning, predicting, map-making, computing, and just generally catching-on-to-school that they've done this year!   We can hardly believe it's almost time to send them on to FIRST grade. :) 

Kindergarten Continuation will be celebrated with short ceremonies on Thursday, May 26th 8:15-10:00 AM.  Parents and families are invited to bring lawn chairs, blankets, or towels to sit on, and gather on the grassy area north of the blacktop part of the playground. Please leave open area towards the front for families sitting on the ground.  We'll have a few minutes in between each class ceremony for each audience, and each class to switch places.  Many families choose to sign their kindergartners out for the day following the Continuation Ceremony; special lunch and/or ice cream is sometimes in order for newly-minted Skyview FIRST graders!  ;) If you choose that option,your classroom teachers will EACH have a sign out sheet available at the ceremony~ you’ll just need to officially sign out for the year, and off you go!  There are photo opportunities with friends, teachers, and families that morning as well; bring your phone, camera, and maybe a tissue or two. 

We're still celebrating "post-pandemic normalcy"  by prepping for our first field trip!  We're going to the Zoo and we can't wait!  Please check with your classroom teacher for details. 

In reading our students are growing as independent readers.  We've added CVCe words to our decoding arsenal and our kinders are catching right on! Our readers know that "decoding" is using their knowledge (and ownership!) of letters and sounds to blend and form words.  They continue to refine their decoding into fluent reading by segmenting to decode and then re-reading to make their work sound more fluent!  We continue to work on reading/ listening to non-fiction books/stories and connecting two (or more) ideas, indivduals, or events!  

In writing we'll revisit personal narrative writing.  Telling about things that really happened to us with our pictures and our words! We're "magnifying a special part" of our stories by answering who? where? when? and what happened? in our writing and with our illustrations.  Kindergarten authors are also making sure their pieces have enough detail to tell the reader or audience what happened.  We're also working on making our work neat enough to publish and share! 

In math we continue our exploration of the composition and decomposition of number and shape.  That is to say: we'll continue to add, build, and  put addends together as well as break down, decrease, and subract numbers.   We'll continue our work with calendars, counting, and using a 100s grid with ease and confidence.  We are making sure our students have a strong number sense of 5 and 10.   And all through kindergarten we'll continue to grow as problem solvers. :)

In social studies, we're working on making sure we are Comets remember and recognize the traits we've been studying all year.  In May we'll review and revisit self-control and integrity.  We'll talk about people all around the earth; the food, clothing, shelter that build and differentiate cultures all over the world.  We'll also continue talking about wants and needs and how we can tell which is which.   

In science, we'll continue our life science fun: watching our grass grow and considering all that plants need to be able to grow.  We'll keep learning about insects, spiders, and life cycles.  And in a bittersweet twist:  we'll release the butterflies that we've watched grow from tiny caterpillars into beautiful Painted-Lady butterflies.   Kindergarteners are naturally drawn to this fascinating beginning to life-science.    Science is all around us and your scientists are figuring things out every day. :) 

  • Every kindergartener needs a complete change of clothes to be brought to school in a labeled-with-their-name, sealed gallon baggie. Accidents happen and it’s comforting for everyone if kids can get themselves changed and ready to continue learning quickly and easily.    
  • Every kindergartener needs a water bottle that they can easily operate themselves, both in refilling and getting drinks. Disposable water bottles are not the best since the lids make it too easy to spill, and also make it difficult for young hands to refill throughout the day.  Please make sure only water goes into the bottles for school: no pop, gatorade, juice, etc. 
  • Every kindergartener needs a healthy afternoon snack. We eat lunch at 10:25 AM, and our growing bodies need fuel in the afternoon.  Again, we’re building independence so the snack should be something your child can open, access, enjoy independently.  Some past great ideas: already-washed apples, bananas, a small container of already-washed grapes or strawberries, or blueberries, raisins, yogurt (please send a spoon!), applesauce, a couple of cookies, half of a sandwich, string cheese, goldfish, pretzels.  Snack time is quick, but necessary! Because of COVID and allergy concerns there can be ABSOLUTELY no sharing of snacks!  
  • Breakfast and lunch are provided for all students this year at no additional charge to families.  The menus are posted on the school website.  Breakfast will continue to be offered to all kinders and firsties at 7:45, through the main front doors.  Timing is so important;  PLEASE have your kindergarteners at the doors at 7:45 AM, especially if they are eating breakfast at school. 

Please email your classroom teacher with any questions or concerns.  Response is usually within 24 hours.  :)

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