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March 2020

Kindergarten is flying right by!  We celebrated the 100th day of kindergarten, and we continue to learn and grow and become the almost-first-graders that we want to be! 

Reading: Author's purpose and point, as well as story elements and the work done by both the author and illustrator.  We also strive to "own" and use decoding strategies, and read with meaning and fluency.  We can retell  details and parts of a story that we've read or heard. 

Math: Number sense, addition and subtraction, using a number grid, 10s grids, rulers and non-standard units of measure.  We continue to skip count, review shapes, and begin our work with functions/in and out boxes.

Science and Social Studies: Forces of push and pull, life science, ecosystems: animals, plants and their environment (we'll continue this learning through a trip to the Denver Zoo on May 15th. Look for volunteer information and Pay-For-It details soon), community workers, and Comet traits: integrity and acceptance.  We do what's right even when nobody sees us! 

Kindergarteners and their teachers are prepping for Kindergarten Graduation!  This is a sweet and meaningful ceremony held in the morning on the last day of school.  Graduation will be at Skyview on the morning of May 21.  More details will follow, but know that this sweet event is well attended and full of photo opportunities.  We're all new to Skyview, but we hear that families come together to remember a wonderful, busy year and celebrate it's completion.  Our mini-graduates dress up and some are signed out by their families right after the ceremony, to attend celebration luncheons, family parties, etc.  Bring cameras and tissues! 

Kindergarten Everyday Math Family Letters

Kinder Symbaloo

Kindergarten Classrooms

Mrs. Alvarez's Class

Subject: General Education
Comet logo.png Remote Learning Information Teacher name: Raelene Alvarez Teacher email: OFFICE HOURS:  Beginning Wednesday, April 1st, I can be reached at the above e-mail,...

Mrs. Satterfield's Class

Subject: General Education
Teacher name: Mrs. Satterfield Teacher email: Please visit your child's Schoology page to access our classroom during remote learning.