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3rd Grade

3rd grade Everyday Math Family Letters

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Skyview’s third grade teachers joyfully engage all learners to be critical thinkers who are empowered to reach their highest potential. We are committed to providing a quality education for your child and will encourage children to become independent and self-confident throughout the school year. We value communication between home and school, and we work hard to develop partnerships with families. Most importantly we strive to make school a positive and enriching place for your child. Third grade is going to be a wonderful year for your child.

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Below are some fun tools for your third-grade student to strengthen his or her academic skills:


Big Kids IQ 

Choosing the Right Book 

Everyday Math Homelinks

Dance Mat Typing 

Dance Mat Typing BBC

How Does Government Affect Me?                 

Kahn Academy - Strenghten Math Skills!

Matching States to their Location on the Map

Moby Max 

Multiplication Games

Mr.Nussbaum's Continent & Ocean Game

Pebble Go

Raz Kids   

Reading Comprehension Practice

Spelling City 

Text Features Passage 



Word Work                                                         

3rd Grade Classrooms

Ms. Kamenis' Class

Subject: General Education
Position: 3rd Grade Teacher Email: Credentials: BS A little info about me... I grew up a few towns over in Arvada. I just earned my degree, this is my first semester teaching independently. I received my Bachelor'...

Mrs. Sullivan's Class

Subject: General Education
    Reading & Writing Websites Spelling City Get Epic (code: qjj8153) Moby Max Tumblebooks Wonderopolis Typing Club Raz Kids Dogo News Math Practice: Prodigy Moby Max