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Social-Emotional Learning

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At Skyview, we believe in educating the whole child. This means we not only teach the academic skills our students will need in the future, but also the social and emotional skills they will need to be good friends, good employees, good neighbors, and good people who help to make our world a better place. All students will have the opportunity to learn social emotional skills through weekly Second Step lessons, which includes a Bully Proofing curriculum. The teachers at Skyview also work to incorporate the skills developed in these lessons throughout the week. We invite you to participate in the social emotional learning by checking this webpage for what we're working on, by completing the Second Step Home Links with your children, and by accessing the family resources for your child's grade level(s). 

There are many other resources available to students and families that I will be posting here to support the social-emotional wellness of your family. Please check back frequently as I will be updating the resources regularly. As well as weekly Second Step lessons, which will continue to be synchronously facilitated by classroom teachers whether remote or in-person learning is occurring, there are other virtual resources that students and families can access. 

Virtual SEL Classroom:

Students can access my virtual SEL Classroom 24/7 by clicking the link next to the picture. In the room, they will find many resources they can access at home or at school to support their social-emotional needs. They have access the current week's SEL lesson, coping strategies (like deep breathing exercise, calming jars, and calming music), yoga and mindful movement videos, gratitude prompts, read-alouds, and activities to connect with me and their peers virtually. There is also an incredible SEL Hub linked to the Hall Pass in the room that you can use as a family as well that is full of books, videos, calming activities, movement breaks, and short SEL lessons. Click on the link below the picture to enter my SEL Classroom.

Mrs. Rethinger's Virtual SEL Classroom

**NEW** Family Resource Room **NEW**

Our social workers (Kelliann Cook and Karen McGovern) and I have been working on a virtual resource room for families to access to support your child(ren) while we are remote learning. You will find a variety of resources including videos about breathing, calming, and emotion regulation techniques and how to use them with your kids, mindfulness and gratitude activities you can do as a family, videos about topics that will help you support your child with remote learning (topics coming soon: Creating Visual Schedules, How to Ask your Adult for Help, How to Encourage your Child with their Remote Work, etc), self-care activities for the family, and COVID resources. Check back frequently as we will be adding new resources regularly. You can access the Family Resource Room by clicking on the link under the picture.

Family Resource Room

If you need to contact me, I can be reached at I will do my best to return emails within one business day.

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