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Spring 2017 Newsletter

Spring 2017 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Our year is going great in ELD (English Language Development)! Our theme this year is: Watch Us Grow!

Read below for an explanation of our current units.


Kindergarten is about to start a unit on the Language of Describing. We will be working on using adjectives in our speaking and writing. We will also continue working on the language and vocabulary used in math.

Grades 1-5:

With First through Fifth Grade groups we are working on the Language Compare and Contrast. In each unit we apply the language function (example: the language of compare and contrast) to social and instructional language, language arts, and finally to classroom content (math, social studies or science).

Our goal is to support English language development that can transfer to the content learned in the students' classrooms.

In addition to the language function, we support grammar, vocabulary, and linguistic complexity.

Grammar so far this year -


Adjectives (Marlen is wearing a pink shirt.)
Pronouns (She is eating her lunch.)
Prepositions (The turkey is on the table.)
Conjunctions (I was hungry, so I ate an apple.)


Adverbs (The boy quietly walked down the hall.)
Prepositions (Adrian sat near the car.)
Conjunctions (Since I was tired,  I walked home.)

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


Beverly Popovitch and Shannon Hopkins