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“The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people.” - Unknown​

Our Comet Trait for the months of November and December is Embracing Diversity.  At Skyview, we define embracing diversity as appreciating our differences - in ourselves and in others. This is a skill that we continue to develop through our entire lives. As we teach the students about what it means to embrace diversity, we break down the meaning of the  word embrace. One of the definitions of embrace is to willingly and enthusiastically accept and support. What a great way to think about how we interact with people who are different than us. We don't just tolerate people's differences, we don't just accept someone who's different because we were told to, we want to get to know people who are different from us and we are excited to find what we have in common and learn about each other's differences. 

We will be teaching this trait by reading books, watching videos, and having conversations about the ways we are unique. We'll share about the ways we celebrate holidays, the things our families like to do together, and we'll learn about people with all different abilities. At our school, we have students with different cultures, students who speak  different languages, students who have different abilities and different talents.  Through the next few months, we hope to help the students look beyond our differences and start to see the ways we are the same. 

Here are some other ways you can help teach your child about embracing diversity at home:

  • Read books with diverse characters and talk about the things that make them the same and different from your family. Check out this great resource find titles of picture books (which are good for both young and older kids) that help kids learn about people of different races, people from different times in history, people from different countries, people from different generations, people of different genders, and people with a variety of different families. The theme in all of these is acceptance, for ourselves and others. Most of these books can be found on YouTube. 
  • Watch some of the videos of kids interviewing different types of people from the YouTube channel, Kids Meet: HiHo KidsTalk with your kids about about what they learned about that type of person and ask them what else they're interested to find out about them.
  • Talk about traditions or special things your family does to celebrate holidays and how they might be similar and different to other families in your neighborhood.
  • Look for a cultural festival to attend as a family. 
  • Talk to your child about how they are unique or different from your other children. Help them to embrace and be proud of what makes them unique.

We can't wait to hear about ways in which your family finds opportunities to embrace diversity at home, at school, and in the community!