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Spring 2020 update

Happy Spring! 

      We have been so busy in our ELD classrooms.  Students did a great job completing ACCESS testing, staying focused and showing us everything they have learned.  Results usually come back at the end of April, beginning of May from ACCESS testing.  This helps us plan instruction at the correct level for each student and guides us on what skills need to be taught and reinforced.  
     We had lots of fun completing our cause and effect unit.  We talked about real life events and did some experiments to use the language of cause and effect.  Ask your child to explain what cause and effect means.  Then ask them to talk about the shaving cream experiment!
     We are now beginning to use the language of analyzing and drawing conclusions.  Second and third graders are exploring force and motion.  Fourth and fifth graders are discussing extreme weather and how it works.  We are excited to continue with this through remote learning, and hope you have some time to explore with your child as they learn about these topics.