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Remote Learning

Due to the nature of Remote Learning, I have decided to suspend the Second Step weekly lessons and replace them with lessons that will support the social-emotional needs of our students while they are participating in remote learning and living under the Shelter In Place orders from the Governor. Students will still receive a social-emotional lesson each week and I will post the learning targets and success criteria here so you can know what skill they are learning and reinforce that learning at home. 

Remote Learning SEL Lessons:

Week 1 (April 1-3): K-5 Creating a Peace Place at HomeI am learning to create a Peace Place at home and will select a location and choose items that help me feel calm and comfortable. 

Week 2 (April 6-10): K-2 Stop-Name Your Feelings-Calm Down - I am learning to apply the Stop, Name Your Feelings, and Calm Down system to manage my strong feelings at home.  3-5 Integrity and Self-Control at Home - I am learning to apply the skills of Integrity and Self Control at home and create a Remote Learning Contract to explain how I plan to use my technology, complete my work, and manage my strong emotions at home with Integrity and Self Control.

Week 3: (April 13-17): K-5 The Importance of Self-Care - I am learning ways to practice self-care to be healthy and to cope with my strong feelings.

Week 4: (April 20-24): K-5 Success Requires Grit - I am learning to demonstrate grit and can apply strategies to help me persevere when I am learning something new.

Week 5: (April 27-May 1): K-5 Moving from Empathy to Compassion - I am learning to turn my empathy for others into compassion by doing or saying kind things to myself and others.

Week 6: (May 4-7): K-2 Building Independence - I am learning to increase the time I work independently (by myself) so I am ready for next year. 3-5 Building Independence by Learning to Prioritize - I am learning to prioritize my work to be a more independent learner.

Week 7: (May 11-15): K-5 The Hunt for Amazing- I am learning my perspective, or how I choose to look at something, can affect how I feel.

I have also created another section to my webpage titled  Parent Resources which is designed specifically for parents and caregivers. You will find resources to support your family's social-emotional needs during this very uncertain time we are experiencing in our country. Another component is a series of companion videos to some of the lessons and daily self care strategies I am posting for the students to give you some background knowledge, share ideas to carry those skills into your home, and strategies for the whole family to use to stay as healthy and happy as possible. 

Please reach out if you have questions, need someone to talk to, or need some ideas for how to support your family's social-emotional health while we are working together to support one another through this uncharted journey. I hold office hours daily and you can join a video meeting by clicking on the link on the time of my office hours which you can find in your child's Google Classroom with my weekly lessons. If you are not available during my office hours, please send me an email with a day and time that works best for you and I will do my best to accommodate that time.