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Gifted and Talented

Welcome to our GT (Gifted and Talented) page!

Coordinator:  Angie Quintana

Students that are identified as GT will receive advanced learning plans (ALP) .  Based on the student's area of strength(s), the teacher will differentiate in the classroom.  If you would like further information about Adams 12 Gifted and Talented Program, please visit .

Starting in 2015, 2nd grade students will be given a Non Verbal GT Screener on the computer.  Students that score in the 90% may be considered gifted.  Gifted identification is based on test score and other bodies of evidence that support this student's ability.  Identification will be determined by the District GT team.  

Skyview's GT testing will take place on November 28-29, 2018.  The testing/scoring is done by a District tester.  A letter will be sent home to let parents know if their child was identified. 

 Please contact Angie Quintana at or 720-972-8191 if you have any questions.