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Skyview was built as a neighborhood, walking school.  With this in mind, parking is minimal.  For the SAFETY OF OUR STUDENTS the PARKING LOT WILL BE CLOSED TO BOTH INCOMING AND OUTGOING TO TRAFFIC FLOW DAILY FROM :

  •  7:25-7:35 IN THE AM & 2:20-2:40 (M,T,TH,F)
  • 7:25-7:35 AM & 1:10-1:30 (WEDNESDAY )

This will mean that any cars entering the lot prior to 7:25 will not be released from the parking lot until 7:35.

In the afternoon, cars entering the lot prior to 2:20 or 1:10 on Wednesday will not be release until 2:45.

On Wednesdays cars would not bve released until 1:30.

The only flow through the front of the school is our HUG AND GO LANE, located along 123rd Avenue.  

Parking is not allowed in the following locations:  HUG AND GO LANE, FIRE LANES (marked RED), BUS LANE (marked YELLOW)

 Thank you for your support as we keep our Comets Safe!