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Library Fundraiser Frequently Asked Questions

****The SCHOOL CODE for ordering magazines is HELPSKYVIEW.  Visit the website at

****If you want to order Cookie Dough with a credit card, the code is 1519.  Pay for Cookie Dough at

****Dear Skyview Families,
We just kicked off our annual Magazine and Frozen Food Sale and I hope you noticed something a little different with the information that came home. This year we are encouraging everyone to have a little fun and spread the word about the sale via the website by completing the STEP IT UP exercise instead of using order forms and catalogs

It is easy and can be a lot of fun. Simply go to APMags,com and register using our school code: HELPSKYVIEW
Then you can create an avatar with your student and spread the word via email to supporters. They can renew magazine subscriptions, give gifts and even make a direct donation. We encourage sending emails to 12 or more contacts. Here is the great part; there is no money to collect, products to deliver or follow up to do. Supporters will receive an email (even in you or your student's voice if you choose!) inviting them to participate and support us. Rest assured, we will NOT use the emails you provide for any purpose outside of this sale. Your contacts will NOT be sold to any third party or spammed by the company. Supporters will receive UP TO 4 total emails over the two week course of the sale and no more!

Students that create avatars and send 12 or more emails win a prize next week by spinning the prize wheel. AND they still get prizes for any orders that result from emails!