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Online Check-In for the 2021-2022 school year now LIVE

online checkin

Online check-in is the districtwide check-in process for families with returning students to any district school, elementary, K-8, middle or high school. This summer, online check-in is open from July 6 through August 15.

***If you are the parent or guardian of a student new to the district, visit to enroll your child in a Five Star District school. ***

The district’s online check-in process is necessary each summer for all families to verify or update primary household information, confirm their child(ren) will return to a district school this fall and sign important districtwide documents from the comfort of their home. 

How to start/complete online check-in
To begin online check-in, log in to your Infinite Campus (IC) parent portal account. **Keep in mind, only parents in the primary household can complete the process

An IC parent portal account is necessary to complete online check-in. If you don’t have an account, create one here or contact the District Service Desk at (720) 972-4120 for assistance.  *If you forgot your login information, you can reset your username and/or password

What is needed to check-in online:

  • Current valid email address

  • An Infinite Campus (IC) parent portal account. *Don’t have an account? Create one.
    Have an account but forgot login information? Reset your username and/or password.

  • Only parent/guardian of the primary household can complete the process

  • Contact information for all parent(s)/guardian(s) and emergency contact(s) 

  • If you have moved, you will need to provide an approved proof of residence document.  Examples: Current utility bill, mortgage statements, lease, declaration of residence.

If you have all of the above information, you can begin the check-in process by logging into the Infinite Campus parent portal starting July 6.

Online Check-in Assistance

  • Online check-in assistance for families with children in elementary and middle schools, please call 720-972-2003

  • Online check-in assistance for families with children in high schools, please contact your child’s specific school directly. 

  • Online Check-in support staff will also be available in person at the following locations:

    • July 19 - 3-7 pm: Vantage Point High School (Parking Lot) - 10900 Huron St.

    • July 21 - 3-7 pm: Thornton Elementary (Parking Lot) - 991 Eppinger Blvd.

    • July 26 - 3-7 pm: Federal Heights Elementary (main entrance) - 2500 W. 96th Ave 

    • July 27 - 3-7 pm: Huron Office Building (Parking Lot)  - 10280 Huron Ave. 

      *Please be aware that access to the district and school buildings will not be available for restroom usage.

  • For more information about the online check-in process, visit