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Magic Family Zoom Night Information for TODAY. 5/12/21!

Get ready to have a great time at our Virtual Family night for UPSIDE DOWN MAGIC!  Here is the information you will need...

  • Supply bags will be sent home on Wednesday afternoon with supplies needed for the Weds. Virtual Family Night event.  The supplies include a carton of milk.  Please make sure to ask your child for this and refrigerate as soon as you arrive at home.  Remote students can pick up a supply bag right after school on Wednesday until bags run out.  Only a certain number of bags are available however the majority of the events can be done with common materials you probably already have around the house.
  • The slide show of the night's events can be found through this link.  If for whatever reason you are unable to attend or there are any technical difficulties, you can do the activities as shown in the slide show or I will post a link to the recording of the meeting below on Thursday.  You can watch and participate at another time.
Time: May 12, 2021 06:00 PM  Join Zoom Meeting -- (Click on the link below. You will need to enter a screen name and the passcode/password.  The password is 306545.) Meeting ID: 366 939 0216
Passcode: 306545
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