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The Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase Schools award recognizes and celebrates schools producing exemplary outcomes using the Capturing Kids’ Hearts Process. National Showcase Schools are chosen annually through a rigorous selection process that includes measuring key performance indicators, gathering campus data, and surveying staff and students. Award Winners demonstrate a high level of performance and a positive culture and climate for learning. We are honored to share that Skyview Elementary has received the 2023-24 Capturing Kids Hearts National Showcase Schools award! 

Skyview Elementary is the only School in Adams 12 Five Star School District to earn this exemplary recognition of excellence.

“This is quite the honor for our school and is a testament to the incredible work our teachers and support staff have put in since we started this process in 2022,” Principal Amanda Beuke said. “The Capturing Kids' Hearts program has not only enhanced our relationships with students and families, but with colleagues as well. ‘We are capturing peoples' hearts.’"

 When you walk the halls of Skyview, here are some of the many ways we are capturing kids’ hearts:

  • Adults greet all staff, students and guardians on our campus. This allows for them to check-in with every child and recognize how they are feeling/doing. Everyone feels like they matter and are seen. 
  • ‘Good things’ are shared each morning during the Morning Circle. Every student is given a voice and a way to celebrate the good things happening in their lives, setting the tone for a positive day! 
  • Morning Announcements end with a school wide launch that can be heard throughout the hallways “It's always a great day to be a Skyview Comet!”
  • Social Contracts are in all classrooms. Social Contracts are an agreement of behavior made between students and teachers. They define the expected behaviors of how students treat each other, treat our teachers, and handle conflict. These are created as a group, with input from all students.
  • Students affirming one another to lift each other up and show kindness. 
  • Students and staff using non-verbal signals to “check” one another if they aren’t following the Social Contract. This isn’t to get them in trouble, but rather empower students to encourage their classmates that they believe in them to do the right thing.  
  • End of the day ‘Launch’. Teachers and students ending school on a positive note with an uplifting message.  
  • Students are empowered to be leaders by greeting students at the door, leading good things etc. 

More Quotes from Administration and Staff at Skyview Elementary

  •  “At Skyview Elementary our staff is dedicated to capture each and every kid’s heart that walks through our door. We strive to make personal connections and unlock our students’ hearts so they will open up their minds for learning. In building these relationships we have created a school community that celebrates each child and embraces the gifts they bring to Skyview. We all know ALL of our students' names, strengths and needs.” - Ashleigh White, Social Emotional Learning Specialist 
  • “It creates personal and social skills like shaking hands. It has also built empathy with my students, they pay attention and care for one another.” Kayla Kascak, Kindergarten Teacher 
  • “I love how accountable it makes me and my students!” - Caroline Allison, 5th Grade Teacher
  • “I have noticed over the last two years that my students are just kinder to each other. They genuinely care for one another.” - Jennifer Bates, Kindergarten Teacher
  • “Capturing Kids’ Hearts has allowed me to build stronger bonds with each of my students and create a sense of community and teamwork within my classroom.” - Bailey Chamness, 5th Grade Teacher  
  • “After implementing Capturing Kids Hearts my students understand how to be a good friend, and they know the consequences of not being a good friend.” - Brittany O’Connor, Kindergarten 
  • “Capturing Kids' Hearts has helped me build a self-managing classroom where students hold themselves and their peers accountable. Having a sense of student ownership in the classroom has been a game changer in creating a positive classroom environment and building class community.” - Nichole Rice, 5th Grade Teacher

Thank you for sharing your amazing kids with us!