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Skyview PTO

Welcome to the Skyview PTO launch pad. For the most up-to-date information and volunteer opportunities visit the official Skyview PTO Facebook page.  You can contact us at: SKYVIEWPTO123@GMAIL.COM.

PTO Members

Introductions of Board Members

  •  President: Jessica Bloom
  •  Visa President: Sara Bobbitt
  •  Secretary: unfilled
  • Historian: unfilled
  •  Treasurer: Donna Pacheco
  • Events Coordinator: Dede Cannon
  • Teacher Liaison: Crystal Sullivan
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PDF icon English PDF -PTO Minutes September 2015.pdf275.34 KB07/30/2018
PDF icon PTO Minutes December 2015.pdf267.04 KB07/30/2018
PDF icon PTO Minutes January 2016.pdf204.77 KB07/30/2018
PDF icon PTO Minutes October 2015.pdf278.96 KB07/30/2018
PDF icon Skyview_PTO_Minutes_September_09-2015_Sp.pdf225.7 KB07/30/2018